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From: Jarbear Jarbear
Subject: Gay Campground - 61By jarbear1974yahoo.com. bigbonbon sex8 cc Write me and let me know what you think. I answer
all emails. Also, I have a layout of the campground as I see it when I
write the chapters. If you would like one to go along with the chapters as
you read them, just ask and I'll email you a copy. I keep an outline of
the chapters & list of characters as 12yo naked boys I go to use as reference so I don't
get mixed up. If you'd like an outline, let me know. After every five
chapters, I would recomment you ask for an updated outline as I 16 age naked
add to it
after every chapter.
I don't know how long I was sleeping in Roy's back private bedroom, but it
sure was a wonderful sleep. I was dreaming that I was having a great fuck.
I was lying on my stomach on a bed and whoever was fucking me was on top.
We had a slow and bollywood film race mp3 easy rhythm going and I was moaning in ecstacy as his
cock was sliding 5 bee porn deep into me. I pushed my ass up and back to take in as
much of that rod as I could.As I was waking up, I realized that I really was doing that rhythm -- and I
was sleeping through it! And there really was someone on top of me -- and
there really was a cock sliding in and out of my ass! I don't know 181st babes what
this guy was thinking. Did he think he was raping me? As I've said
several times before, "You can never rape the willing." Either way, I was
enjoying it. I didn't give a fuck who this guy was or where he was from;
he was doing a great job and I was thoroughly enjoying it.He didn't change his style at all. The pace didn't change - the deep fuck
didn't change. It was constant. And I kept my rhythm 16yo nude mpeg as well, not letting
on that I was mp4 porn archive awake. With his deep breathing and the dirty talk under his
breath, I knew he was loving it -- and I was loving it too! Then 15 yo girl hardcore
there was
a quick, quiet gasp and I felt his load shoot in me. He held his cock deep
in me for a moment until he was finished, then quietly pulled out.I didn't make a move as he carefully crawled off me, not wanting to wake
me. I didn't make a sound or even open my eyes as he was getting dressed.
When I heard the door open, all I said was, "Thanks for the fuck." I heard
him gasp. He slammed the door shut and I heard his 14 inch anal invasion 12yo naked boys footsteps as he ran
out.I got dressed and walked out of the backroom into the store. There were a
few customers browsing around, so I couldn't speak up. Roy was standing at
the checkout and as I approached him, he gave me that smartass smile. cumshot 16yr He
knew what happened back there and I knew he had something to do with it.As I stepped up to him, he asked, "Did you enjoy it?""I have to confess, I did.""Do you know the guy?""I didn't see who it was."Startled, he asked, "What happened?""I was asleep and when I woke, he 18inch cocks in pussys was fucking me, but I didn't let him know
I was awake until he was walking out the door.""So that's why he acted scared when he ran out the door.""So, did you rent me out for sex?"With a smirk, he replied, "Let's say I
rented the room." I just stared at him. He continued, "But it has given
me a great idea. With Jake's back room space and mine along with the
upstairs space, we might 1968 businessman banker clothes have be able to charge admission for guys to hang
around back there."I don't know," I said with hesitation, "Just because blackberry 9530 silicone case it happened once,
doesn't mean you can keep sending them back there." I was setting him up.
First, I wanted to find out if he could really send them back there and
second, even though I got fucked good, I was in the mood to suck some more
cock. "Let's take a bet: I'll go back there and if you can send someone
back there to me in ten minutes, I'll give you free advice on how to get
the business started as well as some investment collateral." I extended my
hand to him, "What do you say?"He paused a moment, then reached out his hand to me, "You've got a deal."I turned around and walked back to his bedroom, stripped down and laid on
the bed I stared at the clock on the wall, stroking my cock as I anxiously
wait to see if Roy could make the bet. Sure enough, in seven minutes,
there was a knock on the door. "Come in," I called out.In he walked -- stark naked. "What did boys underwear 12yo you do, walk through the store
naked?" I asked."No, I was instructed after I paid that I had to be naked before I knocked
on 12yo naturists
black full skirt 2x the door. That was the rule of the place."I stood up and walked to him. I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him
long and deep. He responded by wrapping his arms around my neck and
responding in the same manner. With the intensity of his kiss, I knew this
was going to be fun. I kissed my way down his body until I was on my knees
before his hard cock. I licked the piss slit first, then the crown and
then the full length under his shaft. I kissed where the base of his cock
and his ball sack met. I licked his sack until it was totally wet and
dripping. I sucked on each nut gently. The sharp microwave error ee3 whole time he had his hands on
my head to keep his balance for his knees were shaking in excitement.I stood back up, took him by the hand and led him to the bed. "I can't
stay long. I gotta meet a friend next door.""That's okay," I replied as we laid down on the bed next to each other,
"This won't take long. I gotta leave too. I'm just here to suck a cock
and maybe take a cumload.""Great! That's all the time I got for.""Well then, sit on my face and while I rim out your ass, you jack 1 cause of hiv
that cock
of yours. When you are about to shoot, stick it in my mouth and give it to
me.""I don't know -- I've never been rimmed before.""Trust me, you'll love it." As he got up to maneuver around to sit on my
face, I pulled out my new bottle of poppers, opened it, and took a couple
of huffs.""I've never had that stuff before. Can I try it?""Sure," I said and I showed him how to do it.Once his ass sat down on my face, I heard him moan, "Oh god! I feel
fucking great." When I began my expert rim job on him he moaned some more,
"Oh fuck, this is so awesome!"I gripped his ass cheeks with both hands to get better control and had him
ride my face good. His ass was hairy and I loved the feel as his ass hairs
rubbed on my cheeks. I kept my tongue wet as his asscrack rode its length
across the tip of it. He was pumping furiously for he didn't want to be
late to meet his friend.His panting then became harder and faster and I knew that any time now I
would be fed. Then he raised up so that his cock was above me and then
shoved it in my mouth. He gave me four good squirts of cum which satisfied
my hunger for cum (at least for now).He fell back on the bed, continuing to gasp 12yo naturists and pant. When all that
finally subsided, he was able to speak, "That was fantastic! Does the
owner here run a business back here?"I chuckled, "No. It was a bet we had. But your the result by which a
business will be started here." I explained the story to him. "By the
way," I asked extending my hand, "My name is Bob. What's yours?""I'm Steve," he said taking my hand. He studied me for a moment and then
asked, "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?""I don't know. The only place I've been for the last few weeks except here
has been at a campground a ways from here."He immediately snapped his finger and pointed at me, "That's where I've
seen you -- at the campground!""Oh, dockers pants 44x34 you've been there?""Just once for the day, but I loved it. I'm trying to save up money and
the time to go back." Then he crawled out of bed and stood up, "I gotta
get going to meet my friend. Sometimes he doesn't like to wait.""Is he gay like you?""Oh no," he said firmly. Then he paused, "I don't think so. He doesn't
know about me. If he does, I'm afraid he'll beat the hell out of me. he
can do that, you know.""What is it that bikers are afraid of that they have to beat gay guys?""I don't know. We just don't talk about it. Well, 15 yo girl hardcore I'm going. Maybe I'll
see you around sometime.""I hope so," I said with a413 trans a smile. And then he stepped out of the room and
closed the door. I gave him enough time until I was sure he was dressed
and gone. Then I dressed and left.As I was walking back to Roy, I was thinking about his idea of a cruising
area. I immediately foresaw some problems; mainly, competition. When I
approached him, I spoke up, "Well, you're going to have to remodel it, do
some advertising discreetly, and the list goes on. You're going to need
some help and advice or else you're going to be in real trouble. How about
me helping you out since I'm running a successful campground?""Let me talk to Jake, first and I'll get back with ya.""Fine with me. I'll be waiting for your reply. Don't forget the biker's
weekend coming up. I'll include you in the advertising." I gave him the
thumbs up and walked out the door.Going in next door to the salloon had me nervous. I was shaking a little
when I walked through the door. But what the hell -- no guts, no glory.I walked 4 letter vanity plates through the door with confidence, acting as if I've been there
before and headed straight for the bar. Jake walked up to me, looked at me
and gave me a slight twitch of a smile, "What can I get ya, bud?""I'll take a Bud.""You got it." He reached down in the cooler, pulled out a bottle, popped
the cap and set it on the counter in front of me. I paid him and refused
the change. I turned around and visually surveyed the premises. There
were quite a few bikers there and I recognized a good number of them
belonging to Jack's group. I then saw Jack and when he saw me, he gave me
a slight nod, acknoledging my presence.Jack called out loudly, "Hey guys! Look who 70s black nudes pics just walked in." He then
slowly and casually strolled towards me. I didn't make a move. "Looks
like after what we did to him, he had to come back for more! I don't know
about you guys, but it just so happens that I'm in the mood for some pussy
ass."Jake then spoke with authority, "Hey guys -- no ass fuckin' in my bar.
It's against the law and I'm not about to lose my bar. Take it outside --
if you have to, take it out back. I run a clean bar here -- at least I try
to."Jack stood there looking at me with lust, "Whattya free porn age 15 say? How about taking
your ass out back and satisfying our hard cocks -- maybe some of us could
use some good blowjobs as well. Of course, if you're not up to it...""I'm up to it," I shot back, "I'm very much up to it. Follow me." I
headed to the back door and then stopped short of opening 14-16 age porno
it. I turned
slowly around and faced Jack, "This time, it's going to be one-on-one. At
least 1930 s spanking do me the favor of keeping it private. I'll take them on -- one at a
time. You stay at the door and when one returns, the next one can come
out. Right now, it's my way or no way. You blackberry 9530 silicone case try to make it any different,
I'll call the cops for male rape."Jack stood there and stared at me for a moment, then replied, "Fair
enough.""Give me a moment out back and I'll let you know when to send nude girls 13
the first
one."I stepped out back and closed the door behind me. I quickly surveyed the
situation. Where were Trey and Joe? They said they would be here. Sure
enough, they stood up from behind the dumpster and waved to me and then
showed me their cell phones. They were going to take pics of the members
in "compromising positions." I gave them the hand "OK" sign. I examined
my surroundings and set crates and boxes up so that everything would be
condusive for the bikers to have easy sex.I then walked to the back door and opened it. Jack was sitting there on
the stood. "I'm here to man things -- I'm controling who goes out and who
comes back in.""Good," I said, "Wait about thirty seconds, then let the first guy through.
It'll give me a chance to get in position." I closed the door and asian 16 yo nude
walked to my setup area, laid on my back, lifted my legs in the air and
then waited.Within a few seconds, the first biker walked out. When he saw me, he
stopped in his tracks. I reached between my legs and took hold of the ring
to my ass zipper and slowly pulled it, seductively smiling at him and
licking my lips. "Well 3gp xxx
fuck," he gasped, "will ya look sex mp3 at that.""Looking at it is one thing, but doing something about it is another. So
-- are you going to do something about it?""Sure fuckin' am!" He walked up to my ass and stood there looking at me
between my legs. He reached out and put his hand through my ass zipper and
felt my crack. He ran his finger up and down the crack and every time his
finger came to my hole, he poked it in a little. I moaned in satisfaction.He then looked around as if he was making a413 trans sure he wasn't being watched.
Quietly, he asked, "Is anyone around here?""This place has a high board fence," I answered, "And Jack is watching the
door so we have our privacy. What do you think?""Well," he said with hesitancy, "There's a couple of things I wanna do with
you, but don't want anyone else to know.""Help yourself. I'm open to anything -- especially my mouth and ass."We smiled at each other and then he got down on his knees. He pushed my
zipper a little further apart for generic levitra 32
easy access, then pushed his face in. As
he did, I draped my legs over his shoulders as he rooted in my asscrack.
"Bingo! Number one," I thought.While his face was buried in my ass, I looked over towards the dumpster.
Trey and Joe stood up from behind it, raised their phones and each took a
pic. They then lowered down again. "This guy is pretty good," I thought
to myself, "I wonder what else 2 part deposit slips he is good at.""You fuck good -- I remember. You sure black full skirt 2x do a good job rimming my ass.
Anything else you can do?"He pulled his face from my ass, smiled at me and replied, "Sure!" He stood
up, gave my cock 12 yo nude pic a few strokes and then plowed his mouth down over it all
the way to the base. When he pulled back up, he sealed his lips around my
cock and gave it great suction. I'll tell you -- that got my balls a
tinglin! I glanced up just in time to catch Trey and Joe take another pic
before they disappeared again.With my hands, I took hold of his head to stop his sucking. "You better
get yourself finished here. I'm on a schedule and if you spend too much
time with me, your biker buddies will get suspicious." Reaching in my hip
pocket, I pulled out my campground business card, "Here, take this and meet
me later sometime and we'll really get it on."He took my 1968 businessman banker clothes card, slipped it in his pocket and unzipped himself. 16g nipple rings He pulled
out his now hard cock and slipped it in my Tiny blondes 012
hole easily. As he was fucking
me he said, "I tasted some cum in your ass. I thinked you've already been
fucked this evening.""I've always been fucked recently. My ass is a public depository.""Well, who'sever it is, it sure tasted good!" With that, he pumped my ass
a little harder. Finally, he let out a loud grunt, jammed his 5 bee porn
cock all the
way in and held it there. I felt his cum spray my insides.When he finally relaxed, he pulled out and said, "That was fuckin' good.""You better get back before they start talking."The biker went to the back door and gave it a couple of knocks. Jack
opened it to 20 y.o nude free
let him in and glanced at me. I gave him a slight nod,
indicating that this guy is gay. Jack gave a slight nod back indicating he
understood. "Next!" he said and let the next biker into my arena.
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